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    So bear with me. I don't have a lot of experience with pedals, I usually just go straight into the house. But lately I've been feeling the urge to play around with some different sounds.

    Power supply... I didn't buy the "branded" power supply. It's just too expensive, I feel. I have several 9 volt power adapters at home already. The problem is, none of these work. One of them has a shorter connection that doesn't complete the circuit. It fits snugly in there, it's just not long enough. The other one actually has 4 connectors, and none of those fit right. There is one that I can kind of make work if it's in there just right, but it hums soooo loudly and pops and crackles if the pedal is even touched.

    So, my questions to you all friendly TalkBass members is...
    • Will all 9 volt pedals use the same 9 volt adapter? Like one size fits all?
    • Is there an aftermarket, mass produced 9volt adapter that will work with pedals?
    • Is an aftermarket mass produced adapter going to work with pedals? Or do power supplies made specifically for pedals have some type of noise/hum cancelling shielding or grounding or whatever? I ask because I've heard the hum, and I've heard of others getting the hum with certain power supplies
    • If you were to receive a beautiful new pedal as a gift, without a power supply and you don't like batteries, what adapter would you purchase to power it?
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    Almost all 9V pedals use a standard "Boss" type plug: 5.5mm outer diameter, 2.1mm inner diameter. Positive on the outer connector. They all work pretty much the same.

    Yes, there is an after market, particularly for adapters with multiple outputs.

    If you're in the US (location in the profile, anyone?) this will work well at reasonable cost:
    Electro-Harmonix US96DC-200BI 9VDC Guitar Effects Power Supply