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    Oct 11, 2008
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    Ok,,, let's say that a dude wanted to build out a small pre / power amp set up. Looking for a 1U power amp that is not too deep (12" max), but still has some decent power (not 100 per side).

    Anyone see any downside with this power amp (CRX450) from ATL-Audio (canadian company) -- http://www.atl-audio.com/Product_View.aspx?id=162

    Looks to me like it would fit my criteria of 1U and 9" deep. Also looks like decent power.

    I would be running it most of the time with a single 8ohm cab, sometimes two 8ohm cabs, and sometimes a single 4ohm cab. The 8ohm speakers are rated for 400watts and my 4ohm cab is rated for 700 watts.

    Seems like the power on this amp would match up pretty well with my cabs, just running a single side of the amp, and I could run both sides when using the two 8ohm speakers.

    I am currently using a TH500 and it is more than enough juice with 250watts @8ohms / 500watts @4 ohms. I've been plenty happy with amps in the 350 - 500 watt range, so no need for 2000 watts.

    Like I said,, anyone see any downside to this? Thanks for all the help guys.
  2. Looks pretty cool. Question - any reason you're not considering a Class D 2 space amp? Just wondering.

    I haven't heard of this company, but my band bought a cheap power amp once to run monitors. It would overheat and go in protect mode (shut down) after about 30 min. Almost ruined our gig. It was cheap and useless.

    Read reviews on any amp you're considering and the issues some class d amps have with poor power sources (at bars or outdoor gigs - they essentially turn off bc of unstable power). Some amps do that, others have engineered around that.

    Looks like a cool 1U amp though with decent power. I'd be interested myself if it were a quality amp. Keep us posted with your research!
  3. Never heard of them, looks like they're imported, 1 year warranty and shipping is excluded is a warning.
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    Oct 11, 2008
    Bayou City
    Well,, I just like the look and size of a 2U rack. Also, my cabs are shallow - 13"deep - so want to keep things small. Something like the Crest ProLite 2 also just seems overkill.

    Can't really find anything useful on these amps. But good advice.