Power Amp Hookup!

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  1. Im new to this power amp game, so I need some advice to get this thing running to top efficiency. I just picked up a QSC RMX 1450 in which I'll be using an RBI pre and plugging into a Carvin 1-15 cab set at 4ohms 600 watts and a Carvin 2-10 cab set at 4ohms 400 watts. I want the rig to use its power correctly and efficiently, so the big question, how do you plug this monster up? I dont want the lows wasted on the 10s and vise versa. This is quite confusing.
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    There are two ways of running it with the gear you have. Run one cab on each side of the power amp, or bridge the amp and daisy chain the two cabs. Bridging the amp will yield more power, but running a cab off each side will give you control of the volume going to each cab. There is no way to control the frequencies going to each cab with the gear you have, for that you'll need to add an active crossover.