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Power amp or 2nd Bass head? Effect Loop?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by colerlone, Jun 12, 2002.

  1. I have quite a bit of equipment, but I would like to buy a power amp, just a simple QSC or Crown probably. Anyway, I play a washburn 5 string and have some old Yamaha cabs, 1 18 and a 210(I don't use the 210 much) and I recently bought an Avatar B410. I love the way the 18 and 410 sounds playing through my Hartke 3500 and DOD Bas 30 processor.

    But my problem is, I think the 410 can handle alot more than just 175 watts RMS. My 18 handles more than 200 RMS so I was thinking of just running each 8 ohm cab off of other amps, run the 18 off the 3500 and the 410 off of something else. The 410 supposably can handle 1200 watts RMS, which is hard to believe, but eminence does rate them that high.
    My proccessor has a built in low and high pass crossover but I do not think that I will use them. I want to run the 18 to about 250 hz and the 410 60 hz and up. I think it would be easy to do if I have a graphic EQ for each amp, like the 3500. So should I buy a 3500 or 5000 or a 7000? All would probably add enough power but I do not like to over power the amp because it doesn't sound well when you do that. Is it a good idea or should I leave both cabs running at 350 watts for each 8 ohm cab? I also could just use the crossover and buy a power amp designed for PA such as a QSC. Would this still sound well since it would be crossed over but with only the EQ with the proceesor?

    Cole Lone

    PS I would reccomend all of my equipment to someone else. The Hartke sounds kind of dry if you do not tweak it right. The DOD does what I want it to, except for the synth sounds, they suck. The Yamah cabs are about 15 years old but still sound great! My washburn was used but it plays so well. And my avatar, sounds like a good 410 should, for the money, great.
  2. Sorry, I forgot something. My effects loop sounds like crap compared to my proccessor being in the line between my bass and amp. Why? It has a send and return knob. I just do not understand why it does not sound better.

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