Power amp rating question.

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    Sep 3, 2003
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    I want to bi-amp my setup in a non-conventional way. I am currently running a hughes and kettner bassbase 400 into 2 H&K 4x10's. I want to seperate the two cabs so different signals go into each.

    What I am planning is to use my bassbase for my dry/clean signal with an emphasis on the low end of my tone running to the bottom 4x10. Then run a small poweramp/preamp setup that will focus on my midrange/effects into the top 4x10. (I use alot of distortions and other effects)

    I am wondering if a 150watt power amp would be enough power to drive my upper midrange and above frequencies + the effects.

    I have tried something simaler to this once by using a guitar half stack for my high range freq and sending the lows into the bassbase and the 8 10's and I noticed I did not need nearly as much power out of the guitar amp as I did the bass.

    Basically I would like to know if anyone thinks this idea would work or if a 150watt poweramp would not have enough power to pull off my idea. I guess this is more of an opinion question overall, but any feedback is greatly appreciated.
  2. I would think that would be more than enough... that's why a 50 watt guitar amp can overwhelm a 500 watt bass head, all other things being equal. You don't need many watts for volume from the mids and above... especially if you want a little 'dirt' in sound, which most do with a 'split' rig like that.

    I believe that before there were all these full range cabs like today, bassists like Chris Squire, Geddy Lee, etc. did just what you are talking about to achieve a nice treble response that just wasn't available with the 'state of the art' amps back then.