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Power Amp, Sans Amp Para Driver DI

Discussion in 'For Sale: Amps, Preamps, and Cabinets' started by joeeg33, Oct 17, 2005.

  1. joeeg33

    joeeg33 Supporting Member

    Sep 11, 2002
    Central New Jersey
    Hey All,
    I have been using a smaller amp set up and have no use for this stuff so, time to let it go.

    First up:
    Sans-amp Para Driver DI. A very good clean sounding pre-amp. It is similar to the BDDI, but has the added semi parametric mid eq. If you like a solid clean tone, you will dig this. It also has selectable Line/Istrument level switches for both the XLR, and 1/4" outs, no problem driving a power amp. The unit is in like new condition, I paid 199.00 for it plus 14.00 for the power supply. I will take $135.00, and include shipping. Original box, power supply, and all paper work included.

    Next up:
    Yamaha power amp. Model P2500S. It is in excellent condition. A 2 space SKB type rack case is included in the sale. Specs; 8ohm stereo, 275watts per side. 4ohm stereo, 390watts per side. 8ohm bridged, 620watts. 4ohm bridged, 1300watts. The amp new was 400.00, plus 90.00 for the case. I will take $275, and include shipping.

    I accept paypal, or a postal M/O for payment. Please E-mail me at repairsbyjoeeg@optonline.net if interested. Please do not PM me, I always forget to check my PM's.

  2. joeeg33

    joeeg33 Supporting Member

    Sep 11, 2002
    Central New Jersey
    Sans-amp Para Driver has been ***SOLD***