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power amp

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Atef, Jun 2, 2003.

  1. So as I understand it, the power amp just amplifies the signal, and it can be set just to on and off? do you really need a special bas power amp? because I have a rather good hi-fi system power amp, coupled to some yamaha hi-fi system pre-amp, can this power amp be used as a bass amp without damaging it??
  2. The problem with a lot of hi-fi power amps is that they are not set up for (a) bridging and (b) operation lower than (8 ohms) per channel. Check with the manual 1st to find out what kind of load impedence your amp can push. As for bridging, this can be tricky so make sure you understand how it works.

    The pre-amp on the other hand probably won't work very well as a bass pre-amp. You'd be much better off with a SansAmp DI.
  3. well...it's homemade by my father, he studied electronics for a while and worked at an electronics shop, he said it's 100 watts, 4 ohm, and I can connect 2 speakers to it(stereo) is that 2 channels? or is that bridged?

    oh and I wasn't planning on using the preamp indeed..it's kind of...broken...well it works, but not well.. and I figured it wouldn't work well at all with bass amps, just like everyone on this forum keeps saying :)

    oh by the way...are there any cabs that operate at 4 ohm on 100 watts

    (I don't need a whole lot of sound, it's not for playing with the band, we rehearse at school and they've got a 200 watts marshall valvestate for my squier bass over there)

    and last but not least..can someone point me to some cheap pre-amps, don't need anything fancy, just cheap..I live in Europe(the Netherlands)..but I was guessing I should check peavey anyway, oh and once I would have money for a preamp, I'll start looking at the used stuff market too of course

    edit: I asked and it can't be bridged, it has got 2 4 ohm 100watt channels though
  4. *bump*

  5. IMO, hifi equipment can only be used for personal practise (I mean in your bedroom). The speakers are not meant for live music and can't take physical strain very well. When pushed to their limits with bass guitar use, they may easily rupture.

    It has to do with the low sensitivity (efficiency) of the speakers. And that means you'll already be pushing them if you want anything more than low volume from them.

    It also has to do with the loose suspension of hifi bass speakers. They will not hold up against large excursions.

    I would strongly advise against band practise with hifi components.

  6. hehe, I've practiced once through my hifi setup, it didn't sound well indeed...I'll refrain from that using the pre-amp and the speakers...the only thing I'm interested about is the power amp...is a bass power amp really that different from an hifi amp(this one has 4 ohms so that's not a point)
  7. Yggdrasil


    Aug 16, 2001
    I checked out my stereo amp (McIntosh 2500)& it looks like it takes 2,4,8 & 16 ohm loads with the amp bridgeable at 1000 watss; or 500 watts/side "stereo".

    I suppose I could use it with my IOD in a pinch?