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  1. number three

    number three

    Aug 29, 2002
    I am in the process of setting up a new bass rig
    and am starting to confuse myself.

    Just got a Carver PM-900 power amp which runs 350W @ 8 ohms, both channel driven
    450W @ 4 ohms, both channel driven
    900W @ 8 ohms, mono bridged

    It seemed like plenty of power for me at a decent price. Two years old, used on sundays for a church pa. almost mint but for a couple mounting scratches. $300

    I'm fairly new at all this technical matching of things.

    I've been thinking of using my Sansamp Bass Driver
    for the preamp(I've always liked the sound I can get out of it).

    So I'm now in the market for a cab where money is certinly an issue. If I'm running this thing bridged, 900W seemes like a pretty expensive cab. I don't need to be that loud for now, mabye in the future.
    Should I get two smaller cabs that could go stereo at 350W. If I do this I'd have to get one at a time. How should it be hooked up in the interum. The manuel says at 8ohms and greater loads bridged mono is recomended. Can I just use one side. I thought I heard amps like to have both sides used. Should I just save up for a while and get a really nice cab and never (hopefully) have to get anything again. The more I reaserch this the more I think I don't know what the heck I'm doing.

    Couple more details if it influences things. I like to play the sansamp with the drive cranked all the way up for a twisted nasty sound about half the time and turned down for a clean sound the other half. At this time I don't need to be that loud at all but may play small shows in the future. Also, I've got about $350 presently in the cab fund.