Power on stage - as in what you plug in to!

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  1. I'm looking at neater or perhaps quicker power setups. On stage - we need power SR for our amp/stagebox/radio rack, then, as you go across the back line - two/three sockets for bass, then a couple for the guitarist. He then sends power to the front for his gizmos and a hotspot monitor on his mic stand. The drummer doesn't need power, but keys on the other side do. This then feeds an amp and a run to the front for his keys and hotspot. Sometimes instead, he takes a feed from the guitarist.

    As we use our rig for other jobs too, and we're in the UK, we have a few 6m runs of 16A male to female cable, and a few floor boards with 3 two way metalclad 13A outlets (UK standard). These floor boards have a male and female 16A each end, so they are essential a daisy chain from stage left to right.

    This is reliable and tough, but also a fair size/weight pile of rubber cable and floor boards.

    The option is a load of 4 way domestic things - which rarely lay flat, and seem to wear out.

    Are there any other methods you guys use? We just need minimum quantity, reliable gear that's flexible when we have bigger or small stages to perform on.
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    multi-outlet extension cords.

    Best, though, when venues supply enough power drops around the stage.
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    We are provided four-plex outlets where needed and it's always wired with the same power as front of house PA. Lighting is on its own circuit.
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    I also use the multi outlet cables. One across the backline and one across the fron to power up mains and monitors when we do an all powerd speaker gig. Hopefully there are some available with UK style plugs. These cut down on clutter and I cover all my stage audio power needs with 2 runs... When I run my 'passive' system, these cables do stage duty but the main power rack needs 2 20 amp circuits, monitors needs another. So those boys are hardwired.
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    (Not an electrician, just a hacker...) I've wanted for quite some time to build my own version of those multi-outlet extension cords. It would have good, thick cable, and quad outlet boxes every three feet or so. It would be easy enough to do, and one or two would cover our whole show. One day...
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    Entirely too easy to do. I've built several hundred of this kinds of boxes over the years.

    All the parts are at Home Depot or Lowe's, but can be bought cheaper at an electrical supply house, especially if you have a friend working there.
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