Power supplies?

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  1. Im looking to build my own pedal board. I have 5 Boss pedals that can all be run on 9V each. Is there some sort of power supply that I could use to power all 5? I would like to stay away from a power strip and 5 adapters. That would be huge and expensive. Thank you in advance.
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    Boss (and others) offer adapter cables that allow you to hook several pedals on on power supply.
  3. I'm not positive, but if you get the psa-120, and the chainlink adaptor, you can power all 5 of your pedals to one adaptor. They must all be 9 volt pedals, and make sure all of hte electrical current stats match up.
  4. I believe that the BOSS TU-2 pedal tuner can be used as a power supply. I have one but I own a pedal board with a built in power supply so I don't use it that way.
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    Aug 3, 2001
    I have the boss noise supressor it works as a power supply so does the line selector.

    The ac parallel cords you need to hook up the pedals if you have a power out. they'll only run you about 16 bucks
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