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  1. I was thinking about upgrading my amp. Trading in my SVT-3PRO for the SVP-PRO and a poweramp. The SVP-PRO is the same preamp as the 3PRO, and I love the tone of the SVT, but I would prefer the headroom and versatility of a seperate power amp. I paid $650 for my 3PRO about 6 months ago. How much do you think I could get out of it since it's in mint shape? I don't really want to lose money on this deal, but expect I might. The SVP-PRO is $500 in Musicians Friend, but I can probably get it for $350 from Guitar Center. I am looking at the Carvin DCM600 power amp. It's 600w bridged 4 ohms, 250w 4 ohm per channel, 300w 2 ohm per channel. The cost is $350 from Carvin. Has anyone used this power amp? I really don't know much about Carvin amps. Are they reliable, or would it be better to buy bigger now? I can always upgrade later anyways.
  2. captainpabst


    Mar 18, 2001
    you'd probably want to spend the extra 50 bux and get the dcm1000 amp. at least a couple guys on this board have one, and they seem to be pretty happy with them. i'm sure they'll make an appearance in this thread soon...
  3. Yeah, I looked at the DCM1000 later and figured it has a LOT more headroom for only $50 more. I just want tooo know how reliable these amps are. And what kind of a deal I could get, because I don't want to spend too much more.
  4. ItchyBass


    Oct 12, 2001
    Eugene, OR
    If you are not looking to change your tone… stick with what you have. I had an SVP-Pro with a 1000 watt power amp, and recently sold it and bought a Mesa M-Pulse 600. This was partially for tonal reasons, but mostly because; While the Amp/Pre-Amp combination was admittedly louder (1000 watts vs. 600 watts), the Mesa has far more PUNCH! Far more. The slight decrease in volume is totally overshadowed by the gained responsiveness.

    Companies like Ampeg, SWR, and Mesa make power sections specifically for Bass. Power amps designed for sound reproduction and do not give the same responsiveness to bass… At least in what I have experienced.

    It is a matter of Horse Power vs. Torque.