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  1. hey are there any powered cabs out there.

    and if so am i able to say plug from my combo amp either one of the following out jacks into the powered cab
    "Cross over network: Hi out or Low Out" "PRE AMP out" "Pwr Amp out"

    if u can get powered cabs i would think u could put either the xover Hi or Low straight into the power cab couldnt u?

    the current speaker in my combo is a 1x15".

    if u can get powerd cabs hiow much are they worth and who makes them

  2. jock


    Jun 7, 2000
    Stockholm, Sweden
  3. Oysterman

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    Mar 30, 2000
    Plugging from "Hi out" to a powered cab would split the signal and send the high (duh) frequencies to that cab and let your combo handle the lows. "Low out" would work the other way around. "Pre amp out" would bypass the power amp and speaker in your combo and let the powered cab handle that, using your combo's preamp to process the signal.

    On your amp, you should hopefully be able to select the crossover frequency, i.e. where you'd wish to split the signal... do you have that option?

    A "power amp in" would be the jack to insert a different preamp to use with the power amp and speaker in your combo... but I've never heard of "power amp OUT", that sounds dangerous. ;)

    EBS stuff is expensive. Do they even have them in Australia?
  4. Bruce Lindfield

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    Peavey do powered monitor cabs - we use these with our band. They work OK for bass (I tried it once), but they are really for use with PAs.
  5. goes to show what i know hehee

    yeh i kind of figured that the xova network would do it
    and i have to xova outputs that is hi and lows

    and i have a dial to split the signal between the 2.

    so if i was to buy a powered cab i could say run the lows to teh power cab and the hi's to the combo? or vice versa.

    and i got no idea if EBS do it in oz. but yeh id like to know who does hehe..

    thanks bud

  6. Oysterman

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    Mar 30, 2000
    Correct. I.e. If the combo has both "low out" and "hi out", like yours.
  7. yeh well it does

    but now i juz gota get an idea where i can get powered cabs from and how much they are gonna cost me

    if they cost me more than $600 AUD second hand
    i might aswell go buy another combo ehhe

  8. CYoung


    Nov 30, 2000
    Gainesville, FL
    I am currently selling a Peavey powered 2x10 cab in the for sale section. Check it out!

    What I used it for was to bi-amp an older bass rig. I patched the high-out into the 2x10 and then put the low out back into the power amp in. That allowed my main head to drive the 15 and the 2x10 powered itself.

    In a pinch, most powered 2x10s can be used as a general PA/Monitor box, especially if they have an external speaker jack.