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Powering a cab from a combo?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by India_Sierra, Nov 13, 2018.

  1. Morning all,

    I currently use a Markbass Jeff Berlin CMD151P combo. I'm looking to add a second cab of very small drivers for some optional variety when I want it.

    MarkBass CMD151P v2 Bass Combo - Andertons Music Co.

    As per these specs, could this combo power a Phil Jones Bass PJB 4B (8 ohm 400w)?
  2. Wasnex


    Dec 25, 2011
    The combo will power the PJB 4B fine. I wouldn't assume good results from pairing two speakers with such drastically different designs, but you never know, it might sound great...or it might not.

    I believe the New York 151 is the matching cab for your amp.
    MARKBASS | Products | New York 151
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  3. The amp specs are listed as being capable of operation wth a 4 Ohm load.
    They say the internal speaker is 8 Ohms.
    You want to add another 8 Ohm load.
    Two 8 Ohm loads IN PARALLEL equals 4 Ohms.

    Based on the information you provided this should work... technically.
    As far as how the PJ will sound with the Markbass, that has already been mentioned.
    I agree with the position that mixing such diverse types of speakers has a lower probability of sounding good than would be the case if you added a matching or similar speaker.

    If you can try the PJ with your amp before buying, or you can return the PJ, then it might be interesting to see how well they work together.

    Best of luck to you.
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  4. I ended up looking at the PJB stuff because I've always liked it their sound and design. That idea of several smaller speakers sharing the load is interesting and makes for great sounding amps.

    In adding an extension cab, I'm not looking for more volume as such, rather more tonal options. I should explain:

    My main tone, which I use 90% of the time, is inspired by Jeff Berlin's tone. Thats bridge pickup, plenty of mids. Very musical, with the muscle of a 15" to drive the low end and no tweeter in the cab for soft, natural sounding highs. If I can get close to his tone on any given day, I'm happy. I continually strive to play as well as he does, but I digress...

    However, occasionally I want a bright and modern sound. I have Alain Caron in my head, with the sound he got when he recorded 'D-Code'. I would pair this with my Bogart Blackstone bass, which is a mean slap bass. Again, I would like to retain a full and prominent midrange and fancy an extension cab with smaller speakers to allow for a brighter, more bell-like high end.

    I should note that my absolute preference and the foundation of my tone remains the 15" Markbass speaker without a tweeter. My pursuit of a brighter tone is a mere diversion from that.

    This all resolved itself nicely when I mentioned the PJB to my brother and said I was also considering other options since the PJB doesn't have a tweeter. It was then that my brother reminded me that he has a Markbass 2x10" cab going spare since he bought a new Markbass Richard Bona Ninja setup earlier this year. So I'll give that a whirl and see how it sounds!
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  5. Jim Carr

    Jim Carr Dr. Jim Gold Supporting Member

    Jan 21, 2006
    Denton, TX or Kailua, HI
    fEARful Kool-Aid dispensing liberal academic card-carrying union member Musicians Local 72-147
    The Markbass 151 New York ext. cab is 8 ohms and has a tweeter. I wonder if the Markbass 210 has the same crossover?
  6. We'll find out Jim! If it doesn't work I may just look for a used Alain Caron combo and see what I fancy on any given day.

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