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Powerpod 740...question

Discussion in 'Live Sound [BG]' started by mello_bedwetter, Oct 3, 2009.

  1. I just ordered a Phonic Powerpod 740 P.A. system. Now before you go off on me, I got it to use at home. I want to be able to hook up my ipod to it and play along with the music and maybe use a CD player. I'll put a couple links up to show what I got but the 2nd link is Phonics site that shows a close-up of the power mixer.
    I'm wondering, by looking at the pictures, if I'll be able to hook up the ipod plus use the mic to sing along as I play. I'll be playing through my bass amp.
    The only other time I'll use this is when our group gets together for practice or at a small gig. By gig I mean just playing at small venues like on the patio for a "small" yard or house party, and then it would be for vocals only. My main use will be for home as I stated earlier. Thanks.
    On the 2nd link you can see it better if you click on the "view larger image.
  2. I figured it out. Once I got the P.A. it was easy to get it up and going. I had the ipod plugged in 1 channel and tried playing my bass through another. I didn't do anything loud but I can tell the Powerpod will serve it's purpose. I'll use my Bassman amp most of the time, I just wanted to see how it would sound.
    Like I said in the other post, I know Phonic isn't a real popular name for a P.A. but for what I'm using it for it should do fine. I'll just use it with an ipod or CD player. Other than that, it will be used for vocals only and for what "we" do it will be plenty loud.
    Maybe not real popular but for the money I thought I'd give it try.

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