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    Oct 11, 2009
    So I came across something odd while I was searching live performances on youtube. While watching John Mayer perform I Don't Trust Myself I saw that John Mayer not only had Pino playing in the live band, but also had another bassist playing along side him. For the life of me I cannot hear what this bassist is being used for besides percussive, trebly pops during the verses. While that is all I can hear him playing it looks like he is playing through the whole song alongside pino. Here is a link, if you can figure what the extra bassist is being used for please let me know.

    Viewing this performance has gotten me interested in how 2 bass players can be used consecutively to enrich a musical performance. I would be very interested to hear TB's input on this subject. Has anyone here seen or been a part of a performance with multiple bassists? What can be done by 2 bassists that cannot be accomplished by just one? (I am more interested in practical approaches, I have been to a wooten show but it seemed like the purpose of having multiple bassists at that gig was to gawk at their chops...)
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    Ornette Coleman frequently used 2 bassists (In All Languages, Sound Grammar, etc.), even 3 at one point (Live at Carnegie, 2006). Have a listen.
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    May 18, 2013
    Another bassist, Sean Hurley, plays the groove - "I like playing the roots," admits Sean Hurley

    and Pino is playing "percussive, trebly pops".

    About Sean Hurley - composer, Bass (Electric), Bass (Upright).
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    Oct 11, 2009
    Thanks for sharing that, was a great read. I also am aware of Duke Ellington using two bassists in the late 30s but if memory serves me right he hired the one so that the other would quit. I can't find any recordings or articles supporting this but I think I read it somewhere in a Duke fake book...
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