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Practice aide for Transcribe! users.

Discussion in 'General Instruction [BG]' started by Joel S., Mar 16, 2009.

  1. Joel S.

    Joel S. Reserved for future witty use...

    Jul 9, 2008
    Not sure where to put this, saw the most mention of this program in here, feel free to move where it's needed.

    I use Transcribe! to help with transcriptions and learning songs. Can change the key of a song without changing it's tempo, and vice versa, along with a battery of EQs, effects and what not. Even has the ability to play some video and DRM locked WMA files (HUGE HUGE plus for me since I use Rhapsody, which is great if you're in a cover band), and record from an outside source. Pretty awesome tool, and I use it constantly.

    Problem I ran into was when it came time to practice tunes for gigs, it was a bit of a hassle playing tunes from rhapsody, then having to switch to transcribe for songs where the original is tuned down a half step, or where we play it in a different key. Transcribe can only play one tune at a time, and it opens a new window for every tune so it was a mess having 10 windows open and having to bounce between them. I began hunting around for a program to basically feed transcribe a list of songs so I didn't have to bounce back and forth, and could go through the list easily. Couldn't find anything, so I commissioned a friend to help.

    The "finished" product is a very simple, very small (clocks in at around 13k) program called "Transcribe buddy." You can either Drag and Drop, or use the "Add Music" to populate the program with a list of tunes. Hit "Go" and it'll start running them through Transcribe!, one at a time. Very small program, easy to use, and runs solidly. Unfortunately it's Windows only.

    Main caveats are that it uses Transcribe's scripting ability to play the tunes, so any interference from the user (pausing the track for example) will break the script. This doesn't cause anything negative, just an annoying popup from T!, and you have to remember to close Transcribe! once the song finishes (it automatically closes if you don't stop the song/script). It's worth noting that the programmer of Transcribe! will likely fix this issue in a future update. The other caveat is on Vista you have to make sure to run the program as an Administrator (opening the properties and checking the box under Compatibility makes it easier). Doing so breaks the ability to drag and drop for some reason, but the program still works.

    This is completely and totally free. No catches, gimmicks or anything. Just a cool tool I figure other bassists who use Transcribe! may like. If you feel the need to donate to the guy for his time and want to encourage him to add a few features, let me know and I'll pass word on to him. Credit for this little tool goes to Mephs.


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