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  1. Hi,

    Im fairly new to playing bass and im looking to buy a practice amp. My budget is fairly low but im looking for an amp between 30 and 50 watts. At first i was looking at behringer amp (45 watt Ultrabass) because of there afordablility but after reading reviews of Behringer amps im starting to stray away from them. The next amp i looked at was a Hartke A35, the reviews i hav read about it have all said it was excellent. I am wondering how much difference the 10 watt difference is going to make in overall volume. I also read somewhere that a better quality speaker in an amp may be able to produce louder sound than a lower quality higher watt amp. If anyone has experience playing the hartke A35 amp i would like to read what you though of it, or if you have any other amp suggestions please let me know.

    Thanks. :bassist:
  2. FunkyLemz


    Oct 17, 2005
    Los Angeles, CA
    If you werent overseas, I would practically give you my crate. I think those GK amps or Ampeg combos are pretty good for practicing. Your on the right track with looking at reviews, but watchout when it's only one reviewer. If you have a store near by, run in and take a test run (it cant hurt). IMHO Hartke amps are not my 1st choice (so to speak), but do what you gotta do. Just dont stop the groove.
  3. Voltaren


    Sep 11, 2005
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    Your in Canberra, the home of venue music, it might be worth seeing what they have available.

    Can you give us an idea of your budget and maybe us fellow Australians can give you some help on what is available for that price.

    Do not forget the secondhand market, it is where I would look first.

    Inmo I would suggest getting the most horsepower available for the buck, it stops you belting the crap out of the strings to get the volume you want and losing the right hand technique you need to develope.
  4. My budget is about $300 australian, though i am will to spend a little more if necesary.
  5. Voltaren


    Sep 11, 2005
    far far away
    Ok Funkin-101,

    Now you did say Practice amp and for about $350 to $400 there is a bit around in the 35 to 60 watt combo area.

    New brands would be Ashton, Behringer and the Harkte you mentioned and no doubt there are others.

    I had a look around on Ebay, Trading Post and onsite music shops, not much around in the secondhand market at the moment.

    I am not sure if I am out of line here but I will mention Venue music again, I am not affiliated with them in anyway other than I have bought a bit of gear from them, they have a good web site and also located where you live. Bear in mind they are not the only reputable music online store in Australia.

    As long as you use your amp for practice you probably will not have any trouble with any of the above mentioned brands.