Practice amps with auxilliary line inputs

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  1. I'm a beginning electric bassist, and so I need a combo amp for practicing. I'd like one with an auxilliary line input (I believe that's the right term) so I can plug in my CD player and play along to whatever I'm listening to. I know the Fender Bassman 25 has this feature, as well as the Ibanez SW 35. Anyone know of any others? As far as cost, I'm hoping to stay under $200 US or so. (I know the Bassman 25 goes over this, so that's another reason I'm asking.)

    A headphone jack's pretty much a necessity, too, since I live in a college dorm and sound echoes fairly easily through surrounding floors. If anyone knows of a way I could set up my amp so I could use it without headphones and without bothering the floors below me, that'd be cool too.

  2. Well, I'm not familiar with the Ibanez amp you mention but if you can swing an extra $60 the Fender is probably your best bet brand new. You should look around since might get lucky and find one used that is closer to your price range.
  3. Check out the Carvin amps @

    I know at least some of their combos do.
    I'm getting the PB-200 and I know it has CD inputs (RCA jacks).