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practice cab 4x10

Discussion in '[OLD FORUM] Bass Guitars, Amps, and Accessories: F' started by ErikKrueger, Oct 8, 2002.

  1. hello,
    i have a cab for sale... it has its fair share of cosmetic flaws.. but still works perfectly...thats why i use it only for practice. the description of it i got from the website of the store i bought it from, speakerhole.com, said:

    You will be suprised at the tone you get from this cabinet. There are many name brands that don't sound near as good, plus they cost 5 times more money. 800 watts rms and 1600 peak. It is loaded with four 10" drivers that each have a 50 oz. magnets and 2" voice coils. It is wired at 8 ohms mono, plays at 96db and from 40htz to 5000htz. It has metal corners, spring handles, steel grills, rubber feet and a jack plate that has speaker wire inputs as well as 2 1/4" jack inputs that will allow you to daisy chain another cabinet from it. It measures 28" tall x 28" wide x 13" deep. It will play a low b

    email me if interested.. i am open to any trade or cash offers.
  2. Is this one of those X-Audio cabs that sell on ebay?

    If so, I might be interested. Let me know if it is.

    I've got the 2x15 and its a good cab.
  3. ChoasGwar - yes it is the exaact same model as the x audio 4x10 cabs you are talking about... the cab i am selling is the model BA410.1 it is the same as the ones you are talking about, the only difference is that my cab doesnt have the little plate that says "x-audio", thats it.. besides the cosmetic flaws. let me know if you are still interested... open to any trades and or cash offers you have.
  4. They open on ebay for $179, with a BIN for $209, so considering it's used, and cosmetically flawed, I'll give you $130 plus shipping for it.

    I'm more than willing to negotiate, too. Just let me know.

    Also, can you check for shipping to Zip code 94535 for me?

  5. it weighs about 80 pounds... and i live in the area code 48846... ionia, michigan so it would prolyl be around 60 bucks maybe?? heh i dont really know.. my computer always messes up when i try to use the ups calculator.

    but 130 bucks would be just fine for me... replay or email me back.

  6. hello everyone... this cab is still up for trade and/or sale... if you want ti jsut let me know what you ahve for trade... i'll throw in some cash if you want this but have something more valuable too... very open for trade ideas and such.


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