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Practice/Jamming amp advice please?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by GarethP, Jul 12, 2014.

  1. GarethP


    Jul 12, 2014
    Hey guys and gals,

    I'm looking for a bit of advice really. I've been playing bass for about 15 years now but have not played with anyone in a very long time. I currently have a 100w Peavy amp that was previously used for gigging but I want to find something a little smaller that I can use for both practicing on my own and will stand up against jamming with my new band.

    I have a fairly modest budget but willing to stretch it a bit for the right thing and I'm looking to buy in the UK.

    If anyone has any suggestions or recommendations on an amp that you think will meet my requirements it would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks.

    Gareth :thumbsup:
  2. 100w Peavey? I wouldn't go with anything less.
  3. GarethP


    Jul 12, 2014
    Maybe I should state that we wont be practicing that loud and the peavy is far too big and heavy to be lumping round to mates living rooms let alone down the stairs in my house lol. I'm not as young as I once was and gone are the days I used to carry that beast onto busses :laugh:
  4. Rattfink


    Jan 31, 2014
    Denver,CO USA
    I recently tested out the GK MB112 and was blown away. Its' a 200w combo amp that's only 28lb. I think it's one of the most versatile amps I've ever seen. So small it can be a practace amp, with 200w you can jam/ small gig with it, and you can stack it on 200w power cab for a 400w stack. At only $399 us I think it total rocks. They also make a 500w model if you need something bigger (still only 37lb).
  5. GarethP


    Jul 12, 2014
    That looks pretty tasty actually. Just had a little look up and I'm slightly amazed lol I've not bought an amp in god knows how long and to see something double the wattage of my current amp but about a third of the size is pretty incredible to be honest. I'm seriously behind the times lol
  6. Welshpool as in Taffy? Check out Thomann for good pricing on GK.
  7. GarethP


    Jul 12, 2014
    Yup, that's the one. Originally named Pool but the Welsh bit was added later to stop the English thinking they owned the place lol

    Cheers for that, I've had a look round and managed to find one a little bit cheeper than they are on Thomann but I will definitely be using that site in the future for bits and bobs I'm sure ;)
  8. Dave W

    Dave W

    Mar 1, 2007
    White Plains
    I 2nd the GK MB112. I'm looking at possibly grabbing one for the same purpose.
    Another option would be the Genz Benz Shuttle 6.2 (12T or 210T) combo, but they don't make them anymore so I don't know how easy it would be to find.
    You could also go the head & cab route. Grab a single 1X12 of your choice and whatever head you like the best. That would likely cost the most.

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