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  1. what are pre amps, heads, and cabs(yes i know its a newbie questuion but they are probaly things i know but call different things)
  2. Cab - Speaker enclosure(the speakers and the box they are in)

    Head - A Preamp and power amp in one package

    Preamp - All the tone shaping tools you'll use...EQ, Compression, crossover, effects(sometimes are all used in a preamp)

    Power amp - The actual AMP amplifies what comes out of the preamp and makes it LOUD(er) through the speakers.

    Traditionally sent like so

    Bass > onboard electronics > Preamp > Power amp > cabinets


    Bass > Onboard elevtronics > Head > Cabinets

    FX can be ran pre or post preamp...just depending, onboard electronics can be vol/tone or even an active EQ....whatever...