For Sale/Trade Pre-EB Music Man Stingray 3-bolt neck plate, late 1978-81

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    Aug 3, 2014
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    I have decided to sell some of my stash of Pre-EB Music Man parts. I've had all these since the late 80's/early 90's.

    OK, this one is not a "Holy Grail" of Stingray parts like my Pre-EB prototype Cutlass neck and my unused/unmounted Pre-EB rosewood neck...but just try and buy a 70's Stingray neckplate on a whim! Maybe no "Holy Grail", but (like my string thru-body bridge) still as rare as hen's teeth!

    This is a late 70's 3-bolt neck plate for Music Man Basses (should fit Stingray/Cutlass and Sabre)

    It does not have the serial number on it, so the serial number would have been on the bridge - if I understand correctly, that would date it from late 1978 until 1981. See

    Like the other Pre-EB MM pieces I'm selling, I'm going to price it at a number that I would be OK with selling at. If people think I'm nuts for wanting that much and it doesn't sell and I have to keep it for another 30 years, I'm OK with that too!:D

    The price that I came to for this late 70's through 81 neck plate is $150.

    I could be talked into cool trades if you have something you think I'd like...

    BTW, I also have an unused/unmounted Pre EB Stingray neck, a Pre-EB prototype Cutlass neck and a Pre-EB Music Man Stingray bridge, 1976-78 string-thru body, with mute assembly in other ads - take a look

    DSC_4981.jpg DSC_4983.jpg DSC_4984.jpg
  2. Please let me know if it is still available. If it is...I will take it!