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Pre-made Neck/body reviews anyone?

Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by billoetjen, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. Hi,
    I hope that I'm not starting up another redundant thread. my searches haven't turned up this Q yet, so I'll try.

    Planning to build a project bass from pre-made components - fretted & drilled neck, routed body - and havent decided on sources yet. There aren't that many manufacturers out there, but some of their specs, materials are pretty different. I'm hoping that I can benefit from your folks' experience. Probably there are other TB'ers out there who'd be interested in some neck and body reviews.
    Any takers?
    My basic plan is for a 4 string, rear-routed, p/j layout, maybe swamp ash body, wenge/rosewood neck. :) Most important for me is STABILITY, I want my action low, low, low.
    Thanks, and please accept my apology if this is already covered.
    Bill Oetjen
  2. After research and more sampling, I decided, forget the ash, a mahogany body will contribute more to the tone that I want.
  3. There have in fact been tons of threads on this. And there are MANY MANY manufacturers and resources for parts, and most of them conform to general Fender-esque dimensions, be it scale length, neck pocket or what have you...

    Where have you been looking?

    A few off the top of my head that get raves here, and who are sensible resources are

    US Custom Guitars
    Stewart MacDonald
    WD Music Products
    Mighty Mite
    Luthier's Mercantile Group

    And many many many more. Best of luck and do make sure to check for compatability.
  4. You're right, there have been lots of sources mentioned and descriptions of their offerings. What I was hoping for was someone might actually be in a position to compare (for instance) Warmoth necks against Mighty Mite and help us newbies weed out the hype.
    Thanks for chiming in and for wishing me luck.
  5. Well, assuming that money isn't an object, I'd have to go with Warmoth based on what you are saying that you want. Mighty Mite stuff is fine. I'm playing on a MM neck presently and I like the heck out of it. You ALWAYS need to work the frets a bit with MM necks. Your choices are limited though, MM doesn't make wenge or mahogany anything. My experience with Warmoth stuff has been good, everything fits together well and the necks are stable. Never had any experience with USCG. Your wood choices are limited with WD and Allparts too. I just don't like Warmoth as a company.

    Sounds like your bass is going to be sweet and low, good luck.
  6. Yeah, like he said...I apologise for not realizing you were looking for a comparo.

    Warmoth and US Customs are really great products, top of their game, and have, imo, the best selection of options, and they are professional and courteous.

    WD and AllParts are good one-stops if you're looking for a quick, vintage vibe product, but I don't know who makes their stuff, and I think they are overpriced, so I do not deal with them. I am not slagging their product.

    Mighty Mite are decent, and prolly the best of the entry level fare...they have been around in one way or another since forever...the necks you get on Stewart MacDonad (the bolt on necks) are MM as well...sometimes, they're cheaper there, but even cheaper still on Ebay. The Mighty Mites have a very flat, non-vintagey radius (15"), and the finishes are a tad "chincier" but fine in use.

    For bodies, if you want options, Warmoth 1st, USCustom second, and the rest if you want standard fare...MM makes a "universal rout" body to accomodate any pups, but you need a pickguard, and I dunno if this option is available for bass bodies.

    Again, best of luck...anything else?
  7. You have me curious as to why.
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