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  1. This may be a really stupid question, but I am still trying to learn more about pre/poweramps

    What I am wondering - if you add a poweramp to an existing bass head in order to get more power but you want keep the sound of your preamp, does the poweramp already attached to your head become totally useless or is there a way to still use the power?

    Ex. 350 watt bass head plus a 1000 watt poweramp
    can you still use the 350 watts?

    also what if you add a stereo poweramp would that mean you can control 3 different cabs (2x500 W and 1X350 W)- different levels - different impedances -and so on?

  2. I considered that for my hartke head. My only thing is I would have to use the DI out to the poweramp, which would kinda screw over the soundguy.

    I can think of one advantage though. Bring a 1x10 or a 2x10 and provide your own monitor close to you. Then you could put your head/cabs somewhere that would fill correctly for the show. Just an idea.
  3. oo0o00o0oo

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    Apr 30, 2000
    Sure you can use it to power different cabs than the external poweramp is pushing. tufnuts, I guess your amp doesnt have an effects loop?
  4. Hmm, not a bad Idea. Effects loop, yes. That could go to the poweramp in. Points kinda moot anyway, I'd rather have a better quality preamp. But having that flexibility would be nice also.
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    Jun 25, 2001
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    tufnuts, (I love the name) I own a hartke 7000, and have never thought about it but that would be kool, I dont know if you can run out of the effects loop though because you may have to have a return signal but im not sure though.
  6. You shouldn't need a return from the effects loop. But I've never tried it. I guess you could also use it for a headphone output too. Set the output with the effects send/return balance.

    Those 7000's can pump! My band opened for some guys one night, and the bass player had a 7000, a 2x15 and a 4.5 XL cabs. Booooom.

    The name is a source of controversy at times:)
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    Mar 29, 2000
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    At one point I was playing through an SWR SM-900 and a Stewart PA-1000. the 900 powered an SWR 4x10, and the Stewart pushed an SWR 18. The 900 had line level crossover output (a feature that I've missed on other heads) and I took the sub out to the Stewart and ran the 4x10 full range. sounded pretty good.