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  1. I'm putting together a rig for my new bass, a Conklin 8-string (low F# to high F natural). eventually I may go the BagEnd route, but right now I have a bunch of SWR gear that I really like: 2 Workinman's 300 heads, a Big Ben 1x18, a Workingman's 1x15, and a Workingman's 2x10. I'm tying it all together with a Peavey Bassist at the moment, but I want something a bit subtler. I've never used a preamp before and they're very new to me. what are some of your takes on the various makes, models, and uses of these things?

  2. alembicbones


    Nov 10, 2000
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    The Alembic F-1X and F2-B two very fine, no frills pre amps. Check out for the specifics. If you're running mono from the bass, the F-1X would be the way to go. If you're running stereo, the F-2B.

    Although I've never used them, Demeter and Eden have received lots of praise around these parts.

    Best Wishes from a dejected Mariner fan.
    Damn Yankees. They really are that good.

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    if you can afford it... aguillar is definately worth looking into.. they make some very fine preamps. I'd be worried about the frequency response specs.. you might want to check out a bag end ELF unit for reproducing that F# string...
  4. I bi-amp the F-1X through a 3,000 watt QSC amp and use it to drive true subwoofers. You are going to need true subs or the ELF to get anything at all from low F#.

    You are also going to need multiple subs to do it. I run two 1x15 subs optimized for 31 Hz, and they support my low B just fine. One is not enough except for small venues. Two is ok, and sufficient outdoors to let me keep up with my guitarist and his 60 watt amp with 12" JBL speaker. I'm currently building four 1x10 subs as an experiment in making each piece smaller and easier to handle. The 10" subs are no good for low F#... you will need 15" for this.

    Be careful of the lower response specs of your preamp. For example, the Ampeg SVP-Pro is spec'ed at -3 dB at 30 Hz. Why they built this into their preamp is beyond me... the others don't have have this rolloff. My F-1X is not spec'ed so I have no idea about mine. No sense in having low F# if your preamp cuts it off.
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    Dumb you like the preamp on the Workingman's heads? Why not just jack into one of them and slave the other head to it.

    What does the Peavey pre give you?
  6. VicDamone


    Jun 25, 2000
    If your looking at the high dollar Aguilar then you should consider the Avalon 737 which isn't exactly a bass specific preamp but it does have tone control, unlike the U/5, great pots and is all Class A. The Glockenlang Bass Art preamp is another Calss A design form Germany which makes it expensive here in th US. This is a bass specific preamp with tone controls and a high enough input impedance for use with pizeo pickups.

    If your looking for tube character and/or overdrive than this isn't the way to go. If your into flat tone settings and accurat reproduction of your instruments tone then check these out.