Preamp Bypass switch

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  1. I have a bass with EMG P/J pickups and a BQS Control Preamp + seperate voulume controls for each pickup.I was wondering if there was any way I could wire in a switch so that it totally bypassed the preamp. Heres the way I want the switch: Preamp on/Preamp off, P on/Preamp off J on.

    Any Ideas?
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    Feb 26, 2000
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    You'll definitely have better luck with a preamp on/off switch that cuts both PUs from the pre. You could do that with one push/pull volume pot on one of the volume knobs.

    If you wanted to do a preamp bypass function on both PUs, you'd need each PU wired to a push/pull 25k pot. Then it would be a matter of the exact wiring, which escapes me right now. Basically, you'd have each PU running through the pre when the switches are down. If wired right, you could do a bypass for each pickup separately when you pull up.

    Nothing's impossible, I'll say that. I'm just blanking on the exact procedure.