Preamp help. Seymour Duncan stc-3p

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  1. Hi, first off, I'm working on a traben phoenix 4 string. For those who don't know, it has 5 knob setup already, V,B,Bass,Mid,Treble.

    I'm planning to replace the pickups, already have a SD jpup for the neck, and plan to get an SD mm pup for the bridge. My problem comes with the preamp. I had planned on getting an aguilar obp3 with 5 knob setup. I just recently stumbled across the SD stc-3p and think I may be swayed.

    However, it appears the SD is only available in a 4 knob configuration. Is it possible to rewire it for my setup? What would I need to do this? Sorry, but this is not somethin I'm experienced with. Thanks
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    All you need to do is replace the stacked bass/treble control with two 100k center detent pots. They use one of these for the mids. If you call them I'm sure they could switch them for you.
  3. Awesome. Thank you very much for the quick response.