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  1. i just found out that the amp i've been bumming off some other guy will not be available for my first gig with this band in early august. as such, i gotta find something or be stuck with this sh*tty 1x15 peavey combo or have to rent one. so i need a good preamp to match this cab i'm gonna buy from a friend. he owns a 1960s standel 2x15 powered cab. it has a tube power section; the tubes are hard to match, but he has some replacements he says. this is a real deal if i buy it. a real deal for the sound of that amp, which i like. now comes the problem - the preamp i should buy. i've always envisioned my bass rig being something like this: sansamp bass rbi -> clean pa-style power amp -> 2 1x15 cabs of modern design, fair flat eq. so if the power amp and cabs colored the sound hardly at all, the sansamp would be the factor in my tone. now, i find out that i'm gonna be using a vintage cab and a tube power amp, which will definitely color the sound. my question is: what kind of preamps should i look at? i'm sort of on budget, something i could get for $200-300 off ebay used, maybe a little more, but not in the premium range or anything. i'm looking for decent, reliable gigging tone, not so much extraordinary tone. i play typically un-distorted bass in a punk band
  2. alright, i can score what's supposed to be a "peavey alphabass preamp" (i assume it's the preamp + power amp thing i've heard alphabasses to be that they just confused or typo'ed) for under $100. is it worth it?
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    Jun 16, 2003
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    Why give up on the RBI?? I think its a very nice $300new preamp.

    If you have budget constraints are you prepaired for the tube maintenance and possible upcoming repairs on 30+ year old amp/cab? How reliable will it be? Durable? When will you have to replace drivers? is it free? how much will it cost you?

    think this over carefully.
  4. K-Frog


    Feb 6, 2002
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    Peavey did make and Alpha preamp as well as the Alpha head you mentioned.
    You couldn't go wrong with the Yamaha PB-1 listed in the TB classifieds.
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    I have an Alpha preamp, suprisingly good tone.Uses 2 12ax7 tubes.

  6. i saw an alpha bass head going for 200 used...
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    I'd be more worried about the road-worthiness of the 35 year old Standal cab......unless it really lights your fire, and your getting it real cheap.
    Having your equipment that works fine in the basement die on a gig, can be a real drag:eek: