Preamp tube schematic for Big Block 750

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    Aug 31, 2012
    I have a Big Block 750 coming to me. I wanted to see a schematic for the tube layout in this amp. I was planning on using a mixture of tung sol, ruby tubes maybe others to customize the tone how I like it. I have been reading his explanation makes since. You can tube roll randomly and see what you like or know where you want to go and put tubes that perform how you want in the positions you want. Any help or ideas would be appreciated
  2. I just get my Big Block 750 since yesterday that I bought in classified, TONE TONE TONE! What a fest! I can't stop playing since that, I put the overdrive very mild and it gave a big warm tubey sound even with the fretless, best amp I played yet.
  3. Took over five years for the OP to get a response and still did not get the answers he was looking for. :(
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    As he last logged in on May 21 2014 he never will get the answer. :roflmao:
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