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  1. I am beginning recording stuff...
    have some questions about recording my bass ..

    What is a preamp

    Why do I (or don't I ) need a preamp

    wich preamps are good ?

    I have a behringer DI .. is it "bad " to push the knob "-40db" ? or does it throw away some sounds ?
  2. JMX

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    Sep 4, 2000
    Cologne, Germany

    - boosts an (instrument) signal to "line level" (usually 0.775 V IIRC), e.g. from instrument level.

    - turns a high impedance signal (e.g. passive bass) into a low impedance signal

    - offers EQ (optional)

    - offers other FX (very optional)

    The -40 dB switch is just a volume pad IIRC that lowers the signal 40 dB.
    It just affects the volume. Leave it off, unless your signal is so loud it distorts.
  3. BoogieNight


    Jun 15, 2001
    I have a Behringer DI too !!

    I recorded with it once and I got a great clear tone! My bass teacher has one too and records a lot with it.

    It is an active direct box, so I think it acts as a preamp too, and that´s why the bass sound seems cleaner with it. Of course I could be wrong...
  4. In studio scenario, an engineer may want to put your signal through a preamp ins input instead of a DI. And some simply use a DI for the reason mentioned by JWC.....or sorry it's JMX:D

    Preamp not only boost your signal for better signal to noise ratio, it also warm up your sound. Tube for example. Expecially in digital recording now adays, people tend to use preamp or better quality DIs to warm up your signal in compensation to digital "harshness".

    However the main purpose of a DI is impedance conversion.

    You really have to choose which preamp you like. Focusrite, HHB(discontinued??), TLaudio etc. Drawmer? It's all depending on your price range.
  5. Tech 21 sans amp RBI rack-mount, $299 from

    Clean, plenty of options, great "tube" tone. I both record and play live with mine all the time. I used to have the pedal version, also nice but I like the mid control and control of the XLR out level in the rack version.
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