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  1. I'm fairly new to anything beyond the realms of the combo amp world, and I'd like to start expanding. For starters, what is a preamp, and should I get one when I buy my rig?
  2. It depends on what type of rig you are thinking of getting.

    A pre-amp is just like it sounds. It amplifies the signal from your bass prior to the power amp stage.

    If you are buying a bass head, they already have a pre-amp stage in them.

    You would need a pre-amp if you are looking to go modular ie: rack mount power amp.
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    Dec 26, 2001
    preamps process the signal coming from the strings/pickups - this signal processing can be a graphic equalizer or parametric equalizer to cut and boost frequencies, or, also things like a compressor, limiter, or noise gates - also a chorus pedal etc. and etc. are all various ways to process the signal before then being amplified and sent out to the speakers - and whether you need/want any signal processing will probably increase the more you play and want to experiment, especially shaping the signal frequencies with an EQ