Preamp ?

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  1. I am playing a Warwick F.N.A. Jazzman 5, with active MEC on it..
    well, this MEC pickup gives a very very high ouput, wich the amp won't eat..

    My amp : The Warwick Sweet15 150W ..
    it has been built only for the passive basses (I think) and it clips all the time when I play the B-string or E-string ... (playing fully over the MEC and when I play 50% MEC and 50%jazz-pickup)

    what is a good (and not expensive) preamp wich will solve this prob. ??
  2. jobu3

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    Feb 17, 2002
    Mountain Top, PA
    I have a 4str. FNA as you can tell by my ID. I get the same problem through my SWR 350. I have an Aguilar dB924 coming any day, I hope. I'll let you know if that alleviates my problem.:confused: