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  1. barroso


    Aug 16, 2000
    i actually have a SWR sm 400s. i like the sound i have fromthe head but i need to have different switchable sounds. i also have a 4 unit space rack so i'm thinking to buy a 1 unit rack preamp. i play rock and what i really need is to add a dirty overdriven sound. i prefer a 1 rack unit that pedals because i have the head in the rack with 2 unit free. i tried my guitar player's old Hughes and Kettner tubeman plus and i really loved it. it's a 3 channel (clan, crunch, lead)with one 12 axt tube and, really important for me, it has the bypass function on the pedal. there is one on sale for 150$. others options are:

    peavey max $350
    never tried one, please tell me your comments
    ampeg b1r $500
    same as peavey
    thanks a lot
  2. I have an ADA MB-1, I like it a lot, here is something I wrote about it


    The ADA MB-1 has: about 9 contours, 3 modes of distortion (shaped by contour, input level, output level, and EQ), 5 bands of EQ, Compression (Rate, Threshold, Gain), Chorus (Depth, Rate), 2 seperate effects loops that can be used independently or together, and Tube and Solid State preamps (can be mixed or used independently).

    The 3 Distortion modes are Clean, Edgey, and Full on. They are shaped by the voicing contours, input level, output level, and the EQ choices.

    The EQ has Lo, Lo Mid, Mid, Hi Mid, and Hi. The Lo is from 120 and under, you can choose which frequencies you want to amplify for the Lo Mid, Mid, and Hi Mid. Hi is for frequencies above like, 18,000 or something like that

    The Compression Rates are 1.5-1, 2-1, 3-1, 6-1, 8-1, 10-1, 20-1, 30-1, etc.

    The Chorus sounds good to me and you can get a lot of different sounds with it.

    The Tube amp sounds like Tubes (of course), it uses 2 12AX7s. The Solid State is very sharp and cutting.

    You can make a patch (say, scooped EQ with no distortion or chorus), then save it to patch 30 (the first one after the 29 presets), then make another patch with full on distortion, save it to patch 31, then make another one with mids boosted, and save it to patch 32, make another one, etc... You can save a total of 256 patches! They are footswitchable with a footcontroller.

    They are usually around $200 online (the companies factory burned down and they are out of buisness). There is a guy you can get repairs and parts from, he is listed on

    Hope I helped!