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Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by J. Oxley, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. J. Oxley

    J. Oxley

    Nov 22, 2004
    Hey, im fairly new to the whole preamp, power amp concept. I have a Fender BXR 400 Dual Bass (bridged 2 X 200W). I am wondering, if i were to buy a preamp, would i be able to use it safely with my existing amp? The Fender does not have a "Preamp in", it only has the normal line ins and about 3 effects returns. Is it unwise to send a preamp out, into another preamp?
    On a completely non related issue, what are some decent middle of the road rack mount preamps, preferably with the ability to blend between transistor and tube. Thanks guys.
  2. J. Oxley

    J. Oxley

    Nov 22, 2004
    hey come on, im sure someone knows lol.
  3. anderbass


    Dec 20, 2005
    Phoenix. Az.
    You can go, bass to preamp to amp f/x return. You can also go, bass to amp w/preamp in the f/x loop. Try them both and see what sounds best to you. You will have to change the preamp settings for each method.
    The Sansamp RBI is a cool preamp that will go from clean to distorted tones.
  4. J. Oxley

    J. Oxley

    Nov 22, 2004
    ah cool, i was just worried that the signal from the preamp would be too much and it would kill my amp or make it distort. Thanks man.
  5. seanm

    seanm I'd kill for a Nobel Peace Prize! Supporting Member

    Feb 19, 2004
    Ottawa, Canada
    You don't have to worry. The FX send/return is after the preamp. So by definition a preamp out will be safe in the FX return. I use the FX return on my amp all the time to test preamps.

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