SOLD Precision Pickguard Lot of 4! Black, White, Parchment, Single-Ply Black 'Anodized!'

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  1. Lowbrow

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    Apr 22, 2008
    Pittsburgh PA!
    Hey bass builders - here is a lot of 4 pickguards so you can mix, match, swap & obsess!!

    All used, none perfect - some scratches, swirls, fingerprints and some funk. All perfectly presentable & a good deal for those who love to consider the options. See pics for details.
    • Parchment, Warmoth, 13-hole
    • Black/white/black, WD, 10-hole
    • White/black/white, WD, 10-hole
    • Black single-ply ‘Anodized’ finish (plastic, not metal), WD, 10-hole
    These stay as a lot - which, to answer your question, means the set will not be broken up. A goodie grab bag for the right buyer!

    $55 shipped! lower 48 US only!

    26ACA8FD-4A58-419F-B7A1-384EF5E8ADED.jpeg 9CC93CE9-45CF-48B7-BC35-5FD92E4CB6BA.jpeg 68D21732-5F7D-4AB0-9672-4D6A08DBA34E.jpeg 45FA84D2-372D-4884-9A77-25F717F4F7DE.jpeg 5516E55D-4148-461E-9FA9-34DA6E085110.jpeg D8173AE5-263F-4698-AD26-3D2E495E0E5D.jpeg 8DF75D9C-12F1-403A-92F3-CA0735049579.jpeg
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  2. Lowbrow

    Lowbrow Supporting Member

    Apr 22, 2008
    Pittsburgh PA!
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