Precision upgrade De Luxe humbucker

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  1. Hi Folks,

    I'm thinking about upgrading a Squier Precision pj to the gorgeous am deluxe humbucking setup, requires some routing though...
    No active upgrade I'll keep the passive 3 knobs electronics, perhaps a PP for the HB paralell series or a o/o/o switch.

    How about this upgrade, Would the bridge Fender De Luxe HB sound good in a passive configuration ?

    The origin :

    The destiny :

    Thanks for your advices, experiences and ideas
  2. I did some search about the different pickups I could use, in addition to the DeLuxe easily available, The Blacktop would be another option, seems to be a different make but cant´ find any

    How do they compare regarding the sound and wiring ? if any knows where to get one
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    Dec 2, 2007
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    Get one here:

    I've owned the Schecter (passive with ceramic pickups & dual/single coil switch for HB) version (though I play 5 string) and The Fender Am. Deluxe 4 string (active with alnico pickups) ... I also have The AM Deluxe 5 bridge pickup (Bill Lawrence design) on my Warmoth build...
    The humbucker balances better (IMHO) than the single coil with the P pickup..... both the Schecter and my Warmoth are passive which is my electronics of choice now. If you have (or know of someone that has) routing skills, I say go for it. I believe you will be happy with the mod.

    I think the way to go (IMHO) is route between the existing bridge pickup route and the bridge, to get the 2nd coil closer to the bridge, which I believe, is the '70s position, 3/4" closer to the bridge...
    also I have a V,B,T setup on my Warmoth, I'd rather have that or a 3 way switch then the V,V,T setup a Jazz.


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  4. Nice set of basses, the Schecter is my taste :cool:

    I was hesitating indeed with keeping the J pup and getting some classical upgrade as N3 or SD,DM...
    The HB definitively does it on a cheapo Squier

    Routing position was also a concern, pre 75 center line as you mention would be an option i'm more on the deLuxe template just because aesthetics to keep close to the desired model.

    In addition to the link you give I found plenty of the deLuxe Pup on eBay, easy to get I'll probably go with the deLuxe, unless I get more info on the Blacktop, and a place to find one.
    Any knows it comes with 4 wires or just 2 as deLuxe P ?
  5. Tonegasm


    Mar 22, 2010
    This is my modded to hell '07 Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass.
    70's headstock logo
    Dimarzio Ultra Jazz neck pickup
    Fender Deluxe humbucker bridge pickup
    Bourns pots
    Switchcraft jack
    Fender USA knobs
    Gotoh 201 high mass bridge

    It sounds like nothing I've ever heard before and in an awesome way. The tone is very thick and punchy. The bridge pickup solo'ed gives one of the burpiest sounds ever. I highly recommend it if you can do it cleanly. This is my quintessential rock bass.

  6. Batmensch


    Jul 4, 2010
    Media, PA.
    Has anyone tried a Fender mudbucker (like on a Tele bass) on a P -bass in the standard P-bass sweet spot?
  7. Tonegasm


    Mar 22, 2010
    The new Mustang Pawn shop series basses have those in the sweet spot. They sound awesome.
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    I had an early Am Deluxe P5, and the active preamp was by far and away the worst part of that bass.

    The only hitch from my POV, is that once you do the mod, there's not a lot of choice for other pickups to fit that rout. If you don't like the pickup, you're snookered.

    My recommendation is to make up a simple "shoe", to hold the Deluxe HB upside down over the bass. I have a couple for different applications. All you need, is a short block of wood to screw the pickup to. You screw a couple of pieces of aluminum angle to the ends of the block to make the feet. If you can't find angle in the right size, bend the ends of a couple of pieces of aluminum plate instead.

    Duct tape across the feet will hold the shoe to the bass while you're testing.

    That way, you can use clip leads to connect the new pickup to the existing wiring, and goof around with it for a while. By moving the shoe closer or further from the bridge, you can find the sweet spot for your bass.

    Once you're happy with the tone, you can mark the new pickup location on the body, and get ready to make some sawdust!
  9. In the end I'd keep the center line just to match the deLuxe visual balance i find excellent
    This deLuxe HB deserves a try, definitively.
    In a deLuxe replica mood,the Schecter would be be fine, but misses the Fender headstock I love that much
  10. danirebollo


    Aug 10, 2013
    check out my videos
    i have fender precision blacktop and sounds awesome! and its very versatile.
    To put precision pickup is needed to make some little changes in the wood, but work with this wood is easy and also later with precision pickguarg bass looks amazing!

    in this video i use pickup wiring like peavey t40 bass and stereo output (precision-humbucker), but now i have my own wiring: with swith to use p-pickup in reversed mode (normal) or series (like jazz pickup), and potentiometers with each pickup: 1/2 humbucher, 2/2 humbucher, precision. So, i can use only half humbucher and precision and sounds like jazz...
    Great bass and a lot of tones!!!

    To do this mod, i use:
    -original precision pickguard (pirate pickguards from ebay sucks)
    -Genuine Fender Precision bass pickup 1962
    -Two concentric potentiometers
    -two concentric knobs
    -one DPDT switch

  11. TADA! Now I'm here ! This wasn't a piece of cake as the route perfectly finished I slipped and bit one short side :crying: Some Fimo clay helped recovering.

    I love the Jazzbucker bridge side, should be one classic Precision configuration, much more gorgeous than the PJ which always seemed to me as a compromise, this one is such an obvious achievement.



    It´s interresting to see people reaching this configuration in different way, Danirebollo you Precision-ized your blacktop while I Jazzbucker-ised my PJ, same spirit in the end.

    As soon as I'm home I warm up my Markbas for some samples :bassist:
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