SOLD Precision Warmoth Shell Pink

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    Aug 11, 2008
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    Here is a reimagined ‘58 shell pink Fender P bass with maple neck (satin nitro finish) and swamp ash body made in the USA by Warmoth. Pearloid block fret markers and neck binding. Lindy Fralin (per previous owner) split coil pickup. Schaller tuners. Passive setup. A second set of black p/u covers are included for an alternate look. This bass is a wonderful player and gorgeous show piece.

    The neck is a Warmoth standard jazz profile with jumbo frets, 1 1/2” at nut. Fender tweed case included.

    Specs are from previous owner.

    Weight: 9lbs on my bathroom scale.

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    Any trade interests?
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    Dang, missed this!
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