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  1. So, I just got a whole new set up basically. Switched from a Peavey 810 and a Schecter 5 string to an OLP 5 string, and a Crate 215. Kept my Fender Bassman 300 Pro and added a Sansamp.

    My problem is now with my new setup, my low B distorts pretty badly when being picked. :crying:
    What do you think it is thats causing the distortion? Could it be that the speakers can't handle the low b or is it maybe coming from my bass? I have no idea.
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    I just bought a 4x10 because the single 15 I was playing lacked articulation and tended to get farty on hard-played low notes. Could be that your 2x15 is having some of that. Might try backing off the bass EQ a bit....
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    Check the batteries for starters...
  4. yeah, that's exactly the problem I'm having. It gets rather gassy on the lower notes, then the low B is like a fart through a distortion pedal. Hahahaha.

    I've come to the conclusion that I need to re-vamp my rig...... AGAIN!

    since I don't have a job and am a minor(cant do payment plans of any sort) I'm gonna have to sell some stuff. I'm thinking of getting an Ampeg SVT 1000 and an Ampeg SVT 6x10. Think I could swing it by selling my Fender Bassman 300 Pro, Crate BX215E, and Sansamp Bass Driver DI?
  5. I would have checked that first except... I dont have any batteries in my set up. My bass is passive and my sansamp is powered by a wall adapter
  6. Make sure your amp is matched to the same ohmage as your speakers.

    Driving a head and putting it into speakers that can't take that much power due to their resistance will result in distortion (especially if there's a pre-amp in the chain - you're basically overdriving the amp).

    Find out what the output of the amp is and match it to the speakers. If you have a 300 watt head at 4 ohms and run it into an 8 ohm speaker cab, you'll only be able to have 150 watts of power before it starts to crap out. If you add another 8 ohm speaker cab, then the distortion should go away.

  7. Oh geeze, I never thought about doing that before!

    Usually when I hook up my amp, I just close my eyes and plug stuff in at random without regard to simple and well known amp safety.
  8. I'm sorry for that. You're trying to be helpful and I'm just being a straight up *******.
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    Is the distortion the same no matter how loud/soft you turn the master volume on your amp? If so, it's not the speaker. Maybe you are overloading the preamp?

    Do you play very hard? Maybe the pickups are too close to the strings.

    Or maybe there is a mechanical vibration in the bridge or elsewhere that is being picked up by the pickups. If you put your ear to the upper horn, do you hear the distortion/buzz when the bass is unamplified?

    Or maybe you have a bad B string.

    You need to swap components (bass/string/amp/speaker) and see when the problem goes away. It would be a shame to get a different speaker and then realize the problem was elsewhere.
  10. I know from direct experience that having the 300PRO on the wrong impedance setting to the cab-WILL result in some funny sounds!!! Usually not a prob-just correct the switch & she's good to go. Unless U like a FAR less punchy & powerful presence stick to the 300PRO -over the SVT1000.

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