Preliminary pics of my FBB Custom

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  1. I ordered a custom 5-string Jive Bass from Matt Schmill, AKA FBB Custom Bass Works (

    Matt sent me the first two pictures of my bass:
    This is the neck-through-body blank in clamps. It is maple with two bubinga stringers. It will have a bubinga fingerboard and 24 frets. It's going to be pretty thick (0.95" at the first fret), comparable to a Warwick or Roscoe neck, and narrow (1.75" nut width), but will be 34" scale for ease of play.
    These are the planks that will become the body wings. The back will be walnut; the top is ribbon-stripe bubinga.

    I really like the body we came up with--it's kinda like a hybrid of a Ken Smith and a Warwick, IMO, thanks to the bigger upper horn.

    Comments? Cliches? Commentary? Controversy? Chatter? Chit-chat? Conversation? Criticism?
  2. Woodchuck


    Apr 21, 2000
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    He has some very interesting body shapes. When will it be done?
  3. 1. I really like his body shapes--for one, they're quite distinctive, and for another, they seem to be very functional, with the long upper horns and intricate carving.

    2. It ought to be done by Christmas. He only works on one or two instruments at a time.
  4. I really don't like the headstock, but that's MO, i'd think that you'd lose some tone with that tiny headstock. But, other than that the bass looks great!!! good luck
  5. He said he'd make a bigger headstock for me, actually. The Acacia-style tiny headstock is kinda ugly, IMO.
  6. arvidgunardi

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    Mar 18, 2001
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    I like the Jive bass. First time I look at it, it looks kinda awkward. But after a few minutes, it turns out to be pretty good looking

    The head stock though is abit funny..... It looked a bit like peanut:D