Premier Bass Guitar's Dan Basica

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    It is with great sadness I must inform you that Dan Basica, owner of Premier Bass Guitars passed away in his home, surrounded by his loving family on February 18, 2013. Dan was a true friend to everyone he met, always quick to share a smile and a story. Dan left an indelible impression on all of us.

    Details regarding memorials have been not released at this time.

    Dan was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in early January 2013. At the time, with a CT scan it was diagnosed as stage 3 (confined to the pancreas but encroaching on a major vein and artery). There were some suspicious spots on the liver that were called "too small to classify".

    Dan went through many rounds of chemotherapy in the in the Winter and Spring, and a CT scan in June showed the tumor to have shrunk a bit. This was followed by radiation therapy in the summer, with hope for surgery at Univ. of Colorado, who has some of the best doctors in the country specializing pancreatic cancer.

    Unfortunately, in late September 2013, a CT scan showed that the suspicious spots on the liver had grown and were now identifiable as cancer, along with some new cancer showing in an adrenal gland. Since the cancer has spread it is now stage 4, and surgery is no longer an option (this was the only chance for a cure). The disease is now terminal. Dan is still receiving chemotherapy, but with the goal changed to minimizing pain and keeping the cancer at bay as long as possible. At some point, the side effects of the chemotherapy outweigh the benefits.

    Dan was strong and... well... "Dan" up to the end. I visited with him a week ago Friday with another friend of the store 5stringGecko... Dan was dozing on and off while we watched the Olympic opening ceremony, and 5SG and I were discussing the merits of a recent trade, and how I like ash over alder. About this time Dan's son, Brendan wakes him up. 5SG and I object... that wasn't necessary, let the man sleep!

    "I wasn't asleep" Dan said, "and you're right, Alder doesn't have the snap that Ash does!"