Premier Guitar - Bass Setup Article

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  2. 1bassleft


    Dec 21, 2012
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    If visual/physical learning s more your bag, John Carruthers has a nice 4-step Yootoob instructional. This links to part 1; truss rod and just go through the next three for bridge height, nut filing and intonation:
  3. H3nchman


    Oct 28, 2012
    Do the measurements change for a 24 fret bass?
  4. AdamR


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    those videos were great
  5. 1bassleft


    Dec 21, 2012
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    I have 21, 22 + 24 fretters. With the Carruthers videos, I personally don't get too hung up on the inch fractions. I just follow the steps in the same order, hold the string at 1st fret and body join (ca 15th) and use the mk 1 eyeball. Similarly for saddle height (nut filing is not my competence). Perhaps I'd get a better result with more diligence, but it's still a good improvement on practically every bass on arrival chez moi.
  6. bobsbarricades


    Feb 23, 2014 having some issues maybe you guys can help me solve?

    1) To clarify, if I have inconsistent frets that buzz, frets above the fretted note, that's what exactly?

    2) I've got an Ibanez GSR206 and the intonation is such that I can't adjust the bridge saddles far enough forward. The screw detaches from the saddle @_@

    3) The high C string's screw won't seem to on losening this guy up?

    I have a metal meter stick and it looks like there's a bit of relief in the neck. Or at least my understanding of it. There's a slight bow backwards from 3rd to 15th fret. I figure if I straighten this out I'll probably help the intonation problem, yea? I open up the plate to access the truss rod and see ther are TWO! Umm..I'm not the best at this thing so what do I need to know when adjust two truss's? It's lefty-losey to straighten out a bend like I describe correct? I need the headstock to pull back a bit...right?


    edit - bonus! The high c also seems to not get enough pressure from the string to stay down. I could raise the action but in all honesty I want to go lower...maybe I'm just bad at adjust it? I'm not a fan of these bridge types at all... any cheap string-through-body bridges out there?