Premier Snare Drum

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  1. I hope no one flames me here, because this isnt bass gear, but i wanted to give my fellow talkbassists the first shot at it! And after all, drums and bass go hand in hand. SOoo, let me get to the point: I have a Premier Snare drum for sale. It is in very good condition, the head has a little play-time, but not a whole lot. It was my drum from when I was in the school band. It has been sitting in my room doing nothing for a few years. I payed a bit over $100 for it. I'm asking $70 obo. This includes the stand, and if you really want, a pair of used drumsticks ;)

    Here are some Pics:

    The stand is pretty good, and medium-duty. And yes, the drum key is included. Thanks Guys!