preparing for that ol' bass magic once again

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    May 13, 2019
    It's 58 and the body ain't so great
    Lots of dust settling from a past darkly
    So many bridges burned and in the dust
    But we are here, my army of me

    Ready to return to the Garden of 5-string heaven
    Way back when when I heard the tunes
    Getting stoned behind the wheel
    A youth turned to Navy to turn me around.

    Then the bass first appeared but only for a short while

    Years later I tried to buy my dream and learned the trade
    In the woods to videos I played
    Then in '88 just like today
    A disabled guitar player Vietnam veteran passed my way

    He heard me play and started my ride
    But I failed and ran on by
    Bounced around and ended up
    Getting Saved by the Grateful Dead

    I was that talented problem child
    Many years have passed on by
    I served in the Army of me
    Trying to find a way to set me free

    Now today after so many years
    Since I got my break in a two-night gig
    I'm heading to Tillamook Oregon
    To see if the old body will let me finger the old bass I found here.

    I've done a lot of music
    I've seen a lot of things
    But like folks here mentioned in their bands
    I was one of those problem musicians.

    I'm an American Veteran.
    Just peacetime navy
    A twist of fate in Japan
    Led me to all that I became

    I am disabled, another bipolar something
    The gift that paid my way
    So I didn't have to be a rock star
    That was my dream before I got sober in '94

    I just want to serve and lend a hand
    I really don't understand
    Play for folks
    Who really can't fully comprehend

    I was so selfish
    Look at me I'm great
    But now I am old
    It may be too late.

    Play for your God
    Play for your love
    Play for whatever
    That comes from above

    Yes I'll dust off those strings one more time
    Play rock and roll with an old vet like me
    See if the magic still lies in the machine
    That Jerry Dorsch built after his Dead scene

    "Pick up my guitar and play
    Just like yesterday
    And get on my knees and pray
    We don't get fooled again." (The Who, from the 1970's)

    I've sailed on the ship of fools for so long
    Time to disembark and reach a wiser shore
    Nobody's fault but mine
    Victim or the crime.

    It's been a great gift coming to this website
    I guess it's destiny to come home to the land of bass
    I hope I can serve well
    Only time will tell.

    Thanks to all of you
    Dreamers of rock and jazz and blues
    You all know more than I do
    But we're all in the middle just passing through

    I'll let you know how my 3 o'clock encounter goes.
    GGS 5-string bass with a little fender studio amp and a fancy mic stand.
    Long train running...without love, where would you be now? (Doobie Brothers 70s)
    That's what the old guy played on the phone to see if I knew it. I did.

    Thanks. Best wishes to all.