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Presenting RoboNick v2.0 (*Attn. All Diabetics*)

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by Nick man, Oct 27, 2004.

  1. Nick man

    Nick man

    Apr 7, 2002
    Tampa Bay


    After 6 or 7 years with my MiniMed 507C insulin pump Ive finally upgraded to the new MiniMed Paradigm.

    I just made the switch on monday and so far here are my impressions:

    Tighter control over my BG
    Versatility in teatment
    Reminders to check my BG levels
    Easier/quicker refils
    Programming includes calculators for dosages based on several factors
    Programming overr-rides allow for personal tailoring of all doses given
    Slightly less bulky
    Cooler looking
    Very easy to navigate
    Much better buttons
    Low insulin warnings that can be programmed up to 50 units in advance of empty.
    "Esc" (back) button is great! No more flipping through all the menus just to get back to the one you accidentally skipped.
    Extra safety features.

    Time is not on main screen, its only one button away but on a fairly cluttered screen.
    New menus to learn

    Overall, I like it a lot. The Easy Bolus feature is great. It wasnt hard calculating the amounts before, but now I dont even have to think about it, plus it takes into account how much active insulin I have in me at the momment. It also wont allow me to give myself insulin if my blood sugar levels are on the low side of things. It looks like MiniMed really consulted the users of their old systems when designing this one. I just wish they left the time on the main screen. Thats the biggest dissapointment but apparently they've already been made aware of the problem and wont forget it next time. Not a big issue anyways; Ill just have to wear a watch now.

    I know there are other diabetic TBers. What type diabetes do you have and how do you treat it? How many of you are on pump therapy?

    I recommend pump therapy to someone who is tired of the really limiting schedules associated with insulin injections. Its really a liberating thing.

  2. Uh...where do you inject, or check your blood on your body?

    I mean, do you just use it on your finger, or do you have a special valve somewhere that you screw it into your skin or... hows this work?


    Jun 1, 2003
    Orlando, FL
    one of my good friends has one of those, the needle is in his stomach. when he lets me i like pushing the button that gives him the shot, its exciting :p
  4. Nick man

    Nick man

    Apr 7, 2002
    Tampa Bay
    Well there are two major parts of diabetes care you are asking about here, insulin delivery and blood glucose monitoring.

    To answer the insulin delivery (injection question), thats what this machine is mainly for. It has a resivior filled with insulin which is used to treat many cases of diabetes and it automatically pumps in a certain amount of insulin at an hourly rate based on what I program into it and more when I eat or have high blood glucose levels if I tell it to. It does that through a tube that goes into my skin as seen in this picture:


    That little plastic bluge near my thumb thats in the middle of the line is a disconnection point in case you were wondering what I do when I shower, change, or need to disconnect for whatever reason.

    The part in my skin is actually just a small rubber tube 6mm in length and less than 1/2 mm in diameter thats attached to the rest of the line via a small rubber base. Its not permanent and I need to remove it and prep a new line and tube and insert it about every 3 days.

    The blood testing part is done with a different machine and the blood is taken from the side of my hand using a relatively new method instead of the normal finger pricks.


    EDIT: I guess you cant see the puncture marks on my hand too good. That shows one of the benefits of using that instead of finger tips.:)

    BB King and I both realize that its a good move considering our fingers our caloused enough from our playing. Im pretty sure he takes blood from his forearms though.

    One of the nice new features of the new pump is that it communicates with the blood testing equipment and uses that info to help me adjust my doses. Its pretty cool, the progess they've made.