Presets for the Fulltone Bass Driver

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by loendmaestro, Feb 18, 2005.

  1. loendmaestro

    loendmaestro Supporting Member

    Jan 15, 2004
    Vienna VA
    Hello all,
    I just had my new Fulltone Bassdriver delivered today & it's quite the pedal! I think my seemingly endless search for quality bass distortion with no low end loss is finally over.
    Like I said I JUST got it & am going through the motions. Some user reviews that I've read refer to presets in the manual - specifically ones titled "SVT" & "Fat". My pedal is one of the newer ones & it seems that the manual has changed. Just a knob layout & explanation.
    Does anyone out there have either an older manual with the aforementioned presets, or some successful settings of their own? I realize that it's all about finding your own tone, but my OCD ass would like some reference points.

    If it helps, I'm playing a 4003 primarily. Also in the rotation is a Jazz Bass with DiMarzios & a T-bird. Going through a Yorkville XS400H with a 15" & a 4x10 or an Ampeg B100R.

    Any assistance you could give me would be greatly appreciated.
  2. RAM


    May 10, 2000
    Chicago, IL
    I don't recall much in the way of presets with mine, either. What I do, in terms of settings, is to first select which of the three modes I want to use. I generally use Comp Cut, which seems less compressed, to my ears.

    Once I select Comp Cut, I then adjust the volume knob so that the volume doesn't change between having the pedal off or on. The last thing I want to do is to send too much signal to my preamp requiring me to adjust my settings every time I step on the pedal.

    For the tone knob, I've found for my tastes, it's best to turn it up to 9 or 10. I like a lot more treble in my distortion, but that's my personal taste.

    The overdrive knob is, quite simply, the amount of distortion you're looking for. Turn it a little, get a little grit. Turn it a lot, get pretty nasty.

    Lastly is the boost knob. The boost knob works in conjunction with the boost switch. When you turn the boost all the way up, you won't notice any change until you step on the boost switch. Then, you'll notice an immense surge in volume and distortion. IMO, this is great to either enhance the distortion (if used sparingly) or for soloing/fattening the tone under a guitar solo.

    It's a real fun pedal with amazing tones, so enjoy. I think it had a pretty short learning curve for me, and I'm the farthest thing from a techie you can get. Congrats on your new acquision!:D
  3. David Wilson

    David Wilson Supporting Member

    Oct 14, 2002
    Lower Westchester, NY
    I don't remember any presets either. Like RAM, I almost always use comp/cut mode.
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