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    Jun 19, 2020
    PreSonus V2.jpg Any opinions welcome.

    I did the unspeakable and modified my Alembic Spoiler last year. On my first Spoiler back in 1990 I installed Bartolini soap bar pick-ups. They sound like the Alembic's, but more of everything.

    Now that I am on my second Spoiler I did the same, but I also installed an Audere 4-Band active EQ, (totally un-invasive). I have also switched from round wounds of 49 years, to Pyramid Gold flats.

    I have found that the increased EQ control of the Audere is in competition with the SM4400S that I am using.

    My thoughts are to plug the PreSonus output into the return input of the SWR, bypassing the pre-amp altogether.

    I want to hear just the bass without a redundant pre-amp. The Audere has so much output I had to back off the internal trim pots bacuase it was over driving the input of the SWR.

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