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  1. Are pressurewound strings the same as half-rounds?
    I currently play a fretless 5 string and am looking for as bright a string as I can find without eating up the fretboard. I'm using RotoSound Solo Bass 55's in .045, .065, .085, .105, and .130. They sound great... very bright and live... but I'm afraid they're a little aggressive for the fretless neck.
    I need opinions from other fretless players.
  2. Wow Look everybody, It's his first post and he is not asking for a bass tab:D Sorry I can't help you with the string question but we were joined yesterday by a "string expert" maybe He can help you out. If not I am sure someone else can. OH yeah welcome to talkbass;)
  3. I'm dang near 50... a little old to be in the tab scene... besides my only gig is church so I doubt they'd be much help.

    I did check this site out for some time before I posted... lots of string info on roundwound, half-roundwound and flatwound... but I haven't seen much about pressurewound... and I could REALLY use some help on this.

  4. bassmonkeee


    Sep 13, 2000
    Decatur, GA
    Half wound and pressure wound are different ideas. Half round and GROUND wound are the same thing, I believe. Both of those are fully round strings that are then ground down until you have a level surface. So, metal is actually removed from the string.

    Pressure wound, otoh, are put under extreme pressure, and the strings get flatter. So, the metal is all still there, just--compressed. Like the name implies.

    I think. :D
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    I have D'Addario 1/2Rounds (groundwounds) on my Starfire bass, and GHS Pressurewounds on my other fretted basses.

    IMO, the Pressurewounds are brighter than the groundwounds, but are much less zingy than rounds. Finger feel is nice, and they seem much less abrasive than rounds. The wrap has a definite flattening/oval shape to it.

    Try 'em!
  6. boogiebass


    Aug 16, 2000
    GHS Pressurewounds (M7200) are my favorite strings. The feel great, work on fretless as well as fretted basses and, perhaps most importantly, don't suffer from loss of upper register like most flats (TI's, a notable exception). The differences between them and groundwounds are as bassmonkeee describes.
  7. Thanx... I really appreciate the input.

    One last question... has anyone compared the RotoSound Pressurewounds to Ken Smiths???