Pretty Cool New Fender!!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by gustobassman, May 21, 2012.

  1. gustobassman

    gustobassman I'm only here for the after party.. Supporting Member

    Mar 31, 2011
    Sandy Eggo
    I saw this at my local shop today.. The new pawn shop series Reverse Jag.. I thought it was screaming ROCK. Felt like a big old p-Bass neck on an upside down Jag body. The "lefty" headstock was a cool twist too! I was on lunch break, i wasn't able to plug it in, but i'm super curious to hear how the pickups sound. Anyone have one of these? I hadn't even heard of this model.. (lemme guess, search function??;))

    It's the black one on the right if you couldn't tell... :D
  2. Nick_Merrick


    May 18, 2012
    Clovis, CA
    woof. thats nice.
  3. I'd need to change the neck and spend half an hour with a hacksaw to make the upper frets usable, but aside from that it looks cool.
  4. Thundar

    Thundar Supporting Member

  5. gustobassman

    gustobassman I'm only here for the after party.. Supporting Member

    Mar 31, 2011
    Sandy Eggo
  6. bassvi


    Jul 12, 2005
    Got mine, love it!!! I think it sounds amazing. The bridge pickup barks like a mofo on steroids. Can get quite deep too. It's got a a three way toggle and a tone control, that's it. But there are quite a few tones in there. I bought it to use in my rock band because yes it screams rock but I may just use it with my funk band too. Sounds great for slapping and you can get a serious Jaco tone out of that bridge PU if that's your thing. I like the short scale maple neck on mine alot....., feels like a mini p bass neck. It's a trick to access the upper frets, but can be done and actually just requires an adjustment to your technique if you want to solo up there.. There is a heck of a lot of music this bass . It is a great little bass, IMO. I am very happy with my purchase. (I got the Sunburst with maple neck model)
  7. And this one...

    And this one...

    And um, this one...

    They are pretty cool though. (Which explains why we want to talk about them.)

    I was at GC today to pick up a new mic. I had to see if the Pawnshop Jag was in yet, it is not. (At least not at my store.)
  8. i know people are going to hate this. but is there another bass the tone is comparable too?? the fact that they actually put MM humbuckers in that makes me curious. is it kinda like a passive cross of a P and ray or something?
  9. mpdd

    mpdd neoconceptualist

    Mar 24, 2010
    maybe for the drone band
  10. Pilgrim

    Pilgrim Supporting Member

    I can't see the point. They're trying to imitate a reverse Thunderbird...but it just doesn't work for me visually.

    And I can imagine it comes with terminal neck dive at no extra charge.
  11. shackled


    Jun 25, 2009
    Western NY
    They are interesting. Wish I had a decent shop near by...
  12. lowphatbass

    lowphatbass **** Supporting Member

    Feb 25, 2005
    west coast
    It's neat to see one out on the floor that still has the protective plastic booties on the tuners, I don't get a chance to see that very often.

    So what's the deal on these.... do they really neck-dive? What's the overall weight?
  13. bassvi


    Jul 12, 2005
    Mine balances perfectly, no neck dive at all. I'm guessing it's 8-9 lbs, doesn't feel very heavy to me. I'm used to playing a Conklin GT7 or a Waterstone TP12, it's light in comparison.
  14. Sleeq


    Feb 13, 2008
    ^ PICS
  15. BillMason


    Mar 6, 2007
    You should check out the history of the Thunderbird and see who is imitating who. :-D
  16. nubs


    Mar 1, 2005
    Pics please, i am so close to springing on one of these...
    lets see it.
  17. sloppy_phil


    Aug 21, 2011
    Toronto, ON, Canada
    Not actually named Phil
    looks totally awesome! but i can't see how you'd play anything past the 15/16th fret without extreme difficulty! Not that I play a *ton* of stuff up there, but I find it a pain to access those frets even on a standard Fender (well, as compared to my Ric), and don't want to have to fight my bass in the middle of a run-up during a gig
  18. bassvi


    Jul 12, 2005
    Here's mine, had it a little over a week. Work has been crazy, but I do want to post sound clips soon as I get a chance. I'm sure it's not for everyone, but I really, really dig it! Thank you, Fender!:bassist:

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  19. bassvi


    Jul 12, 2005
    Sorry about the sideways pics, here's a couple more: (please disregard my dog's chain going across the deck in the background, lol)
  20. bassvi


    Jul 12, 2005
    This time with the pics :)

    Yeah, it's really not designed for soloing on the upper frets, but I play a lot of upright and discovered it's pretty easy to play up there with a thumb position technique. It sounds and plays sweet trad syle up to about the 14th fret. Beyond that you have to be a little creative, but it works ;)

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