Price check: 1979 P-bass with refin

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  1. OK, I have been offered a refin 1979 Fender P-bass, and don't know what a reasonable price is. I am friendly with this bass' seller, so I want a price that's fair on both ends. It's a maple-board, ash-body bass, with a new tort guard and a transparent mocha gloss refin (the orig. finish was red). The refin is as good a non-pro job as I've ever seen. The action is pretty good all the way up with heavy flats, and the frets are in good shape. The neck has a few of those brownish spots where the finish wore off and the maple got dirty, but the body, bridge, electronics, etc are clean. Comes with a non-orig Fender hard case.

    Ballpark figures????
  2. Jerry J

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    Mar 27, 2000
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    Off-the-cuff, $450 to $600. I don't have my book here at work so it's really a guess. I'd actually put it at the lower end of those prices. I'm pretty certain that GC would offer $150-200 at best.

    It really doesn't matter that it's been refinished as it really doesn't have any vintage value yet. And the rule of thumb on refin's is 50% of value.

    If you dig it and it's going to your friend then $500 should be a decent selling/buying price.

    If you want me to look up the actual value, PM or email me to remind me to look it up when I get off of work in the morning.
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    I'd be willing to bet that you could get more than $500 for that bass on eBay. I could be wrong, but I have been tracking 70s P bass on eBay. Seems to me that any USA P is selling for $500+ in good condition. The thing that seems to hurt value the most is having EMGs installed.
  4. I pretty much agree with Jerry, here. $500 is a fair price especially dealing with a friend.

    I can't see it going for much less, or much more.

    Do you really want this bass, or are you considering it just because it's been offered to you?

    Good luck whatever you do.

  5. Stu L.

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    Nov 27, 2001
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    I just moved a '76 original finish P with OHSC for well under $500. The only thing that bass didn't have was the "ashtrays"

    If you like it, give 'em $500 for it. Book value is somewhere between $325 to $725, so it sounds fair to me. Put it on Ebay and you'll probably get closer to a grand, because it is a Fender :rolleyes:
  6. I passed on the bass, for now. I was really only interested in buying it as a favor to the owner (his car died), but he says he can afford to hang onto the bass now.