SOLD PRICE DROP 2001 MusicMan Stingray 4H Autumn RedBurst Sparkle

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  1. jcidulka

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    Jul 13, 2006
    Chicago IL suburbs
    Bass is in great condition. Aguilar MM pickup installed, which allows for more granular, subtle tone shaping. Comes with original pickup not installed.

    Rare color, limited production. Autumn Redburst. It has a very cool sparkle. Think sunburst sparkle. Finish is in great shape. A few nicks on the body, see pics.

    Neck is straight and in excellent shape. Some slight discoloring on the maple neck, but this is typical of a 18 year old bass. Frets are good. Headstock is clean.

    9.8 lbs on my scale.

    Come with a recent MM hard shell case that less than 1 year old.

    I’ll pay CONUS shipping.

    E66D88AC-D055-4B7E-A501-FB08298895B8.jpeg 3D12A405-02E6-4EA8-B1E2-843A26813F62.jpeg 18FF3883-DE55-43B2-8F23-2DC512413081.jpeg B3E65D40-3A9B-4C53-A087-7B17A1951DFC.jpeg 29EC338A-DBC9-4DD9-AC26-31AF1C861EA9.jpeg E0BF6B7E-59BE-4EB2-A9C1-F891106575A2.jpeg 1F802B8A-DD63-4752-AAF8-501F6F9D9A69.jpeg 03D9FFA5-1FEA-4E8E-ADB4-02E6DC11967B.jpeg 23938181-A87B-47B5-89D1-C25A877B5E07.jpeg
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  2. jcidulka

    jcidulka Supporting Member

    Jul 13, 2006
    Chicago IL suburbs
    Dropped price by $100